Capitol Films Inc. (1983) is incorporated as a nonprofit company to produce video work (below) on a volunteer basis for nonprofit groups.  I renamed the company PushBack Poverty Inc. in order to focus on poverty films. Check out my Other Work too. - Jon Pedersen

Currently in Production

3 minute trailer for No Easy Path
(2006-2018, 58 mins)

This is a short promo for a video we'd like to make about ten young mothers, each living in poverty. in Saint John, NB.

We are hoping to complete a 1 hour video as well as print support materials that could be used, together with the video, for workshop/teaching purposes.

This video is about university student poverty. I shot it for the NBMedia Co-op (I'm a member) at the November 2, 2016 Fredericton university student National Day of Action Rally. They are protesting rising Canadian university tuition fees and the video also includes statistics on student food insecurity (poverty) and homelessness derived from a survey of 4500 students across five Canadian university campuses.

NBMedia Co-op - Students Fight the Fees

(2016 - 6 mins)

(2014 -15 mins)

After the election of David Coon, New Brunswick's first Green Party MLA, he and Dennis Atchison began holding community meetings throughout Fredericton to generate community involvement in provincial politics. This is the first of many community meetings.

I made this for a grassroots organization interested in providing more protection for dogs in New Brunswick. They were very successful and now are working to find funding for the enforcement of the new dog legislation and to begin similar work for cats.

(2014, 70 mins)

(2013, 6 mins)

FreddyLink is one of the first completely nonsectarian World Vision projects. Anyone, no matter what religion, can participate because the project is not sponsored by a church but rather the whole city of Fredericton.

Here are interviews with two members of Radiant Learning a Fredericton group interested in using their extensive educational experience to help develop more effective educational systems.

(2013, 16 mins)

(2014, 21 mins)

Since the 60s I've been interested in politics (although I've steadfastly refused to become a member of any political party) and specifically interested in the politics of New Brunswick forests. David Coon has too and this very popular video was our first collaboration. He feels this video and the many others we made may have been instrumental in his election to the New Brunswick Legislature.

New Brunswick's abortion laws were some of the last in Canada to be modernized and I was very happy to assist, even in a small way, the courageous young women who fought so determinedly for their rights. 

(2014, 23 mins)

(2014, 17 mins)

When the Green Party held its National Convention in Fredericton they allowed me, a nonmember, to attend and document their amazing speakers. This is Holly Dressel, one of Canada’s most recognized names in environmental studies, health care history and practices, economic concerns and aboriginal issues.

This is the second short video I made for FreddyLink, the Fredericton nonsectarian humanitarian group that has been helping the Cobocol region of Haiti for over 10 years. 

(2015, 2mins 30 secs)

(2014, 1 min 40 secs)

For a few months before the 2014 New Brunswick election I helped David Coon by making many hours of issue-related videos for him, like this short piece. I don't belong to the Green Party but I would have helped anyone, especially David, who might provide an alternate voice in the old boy world of NB Politics. We could hardly believe it when he actually won - and became New Brunswick's first Green Party MLA.

The Energy East Pipeline has been a divisive issue here in New Brunswick, as it has been across the country. I made this short video for the New Brunswick Conservation Council to help them encourage people to sign up as intervenors for the National Energy Board hearings. 

Energy East Pipeline (2015, 6 mins)

Habitat's Victory Meat Build (2015, 5 mins)

This 5 minute video for Fredericton Area Habitat for Humanity helps them advertise their projects and encourage more volunteers. It shows the fun of a typical "build day" in downtown Fredericton. 

This video documents the Fredericton World Habitat Day Celebrations and shows the types of homes Fredericton Habitat for Humanity is building, including the revolutionary "mini-build" design - small homes for single-parent rural families. Finally, we follow a Habitat home on its way to its final destination - in a blizzard!

World Habitat Day - Fredericton NB (2014, 11 mins)

Why I Vote (2014, 90 secs)

This is my favourite Green Party ad. It's a 90 second clip that may help explain why I felt it necessary to assist the Green Party (or anyone else) who might improve the political-corporate culture of New Brunswick.

Thanks for watching!