Here is a Sampling of My Other Work...
The work below was done either under my original company  The John Amos Group Ltd. (1976) or under the company I inherited from my brother, Pedersen Video Inc. (2004) - and occasionally as a co-production  with our nonprofit company, Capitol Films Inc.(1983). To further confuse, I renamed Capitol Films to PushBack Poverty Inc. in order to focus on poverty issues. My accountants tell me I have too many companies! - Jon Pedersen
Please also check out the Home page for the volunteer work I do for nonprofits.

LiDAR-Based Forest Management
and Enhanced Forest Inventory (EFI)

(2016, 6'30")

This was a fun video to make. It explains a complicated technology used by Leading Edge Geomatics of Fredericton NB. They measure New Brunswick's Forests at high speed by flying over the trees with some pretty neat gear and it required some pretty fancy filmmaking to make the process clear. But I had a lot of fun with it and they were delighted.

Trailer for the rest of this page (4 mins)

This short video will give you and idea of the range of some of my other work. Full versions are below. It starts with a bit of the video I did for Atlantic Hydrogen, an environmental company hoping to make natural gas burn even cleaner.

This is the original Tuesday, Wednesday - my first attempt at movies. It was 1969, I was writing abstract poetry and decided to put moving pictures with my poems. Even at 90 seconds the film seems long but at least it's mysterious.

My First Film - The Original Tuesday Wednesday (1969, 90 secs)

This is the House That John (Hooper) Built (1974, 22 mins)

Recently I re-discovered this old video I made in 1974 using reel-to-reel NFB video gear. The NFB had no record of it. Kindly, the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick accepted it for restoration. They first baked it for 6 hours to stabilize the tape and then they made a  digital transfer. I'm so glad they did - it's wonderful to see John and all the Hoopers and friends again!

The Original Ski Peru (1979, 28 mins)

This is a Peruvian travel & adventure film I made in 1978 with my friend Art Makosinski. This is the original Canadian version. The U.S. and French versions are below.

This is the first film that I made for the NFB. It's how I trained myself in "professional" production techniques. The NFB sent all the gear I needed and I phoned their experts for step-by-step advice. 

Tara's Mulch Garden (1974, 20 mins)

John Hooper's Way with Wood (1976, 18 mins)

This is another of my NFB films, about my friend the sculptor John Hooper, a truly amazing  person.

This is the first of two independent features that I made. Freda and I mortgaged the house to make this one. It's about an alcoholic seeking forgiveness from the mother of a little boy he killed in a drunk driving accident. It was chosen to be of one of 100 Canadian films that were shown in France as part of a 100 year anniversary retrospective marking the beginning of Canadian filmmaking.

Tuesday Wednesday (1987, 81 mins)

Tabitha's Journey (2006, 44 mins)

This is a movie I made for CTV. Jari Osborne co-directed it with me. It turned out to be so popular CTV played it nationally whenever they got a chance. 

This is the second independent feature I made. It's a "comedy" about a man trying to come to terms with his sister's suicide. It is sort of autobiographical and this is the first time I've shown it. I think the friends and family who acted in it did an amazing job. 

Cheap Talk (1989, 88 mins)

Ski Peru (U.S. Version 1979, 28 mins)

While trying to market this, my first independent doc, my agent suggested that it should be more "exciting". I guess they thought my original narration was too "Jacques Cousteau-ish". So here's the result - the U.S. version. 

This is one of my amazing brothers, Mark, explaining our app, goExploreCanada. I really loved working with Mark but, sadly, in 2012 he died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack. He left his company, Pedersen Video Inc. to me.

goExploreCanada (travel app, 2011, 4800+ POIs)

Maritime Forestry (2012, 22 mins)

Had Mark survived, he and I would have worked together to make this CBC doc that I completed in 2013. It's about two Maritime forestry towns, one whose mill is gone and one whose mill is seriously threatened. 

This is the third version of Ski Peru, the French version. It played in Quebec and France.  I used a translation of the original Canadian English version.

Ski Peru (French Version, 1979, 28mins)

Alden Nowlan: An Introduction (1984, 28 mins)

This may be my favourite of all my films, so far. It profiles the wonderful work of Alden Nowlan, a New Brunswick poet who died much too young. I think his poetry will live on for many, many years. 

Thanks for watching!